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missionproducts and solutionscustom orderhistory In today's hi-tech society, we often forget that the most important side of our well being is our own peace of mind. Luddite™'s integration of Eco-Technology Design (ETD)™ begins with the philosophy that surrounding ourselves with natural materials eases the intrinsically unnatural relationship with technology.
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The search for the human side of hi-tech forces us to think in terms of materials. Not only does Luddite™ provide the highest performance hardware available (check out our new Mac clones!), but we also present our products in the aesthetic of something more natural: fine grained hard wood.termite tech Hand polished and sanded, all of our models are 100% guaranteed for life. Our alliance with the nation's top hi-tech pest control company, Termite Tech™ guarantees service on any models for up to five years after your purchase.

And as always, every element and piece that goes into a Luddite™ is derived from sustainable resources. Environmentally sound, even our microchips have the Luddite™ seal of ETD™. All deliveries are made within 3 days of your order, and will arrive in 100% recycled packaging materials.

You can chose from a wide variety of hard and semi-hard woods. For a full catalog of available woods and stains, be sure to e-mail us. And check out our on-line custom order center!

Surround your life with the craftsmanship you deserve!
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For our corporate clients, the ramifications of modern technology are all the more pertinent. Consider that in 1991, $87,000,000 was lost to sabotage, vandalism, and destruction of business-owned hardware due to Technology Exposure Syndrome (TES). TES has been proven to cause unproductivity in workers as well as mass destruction of property. In 1995, a study by the Research Institute of Modern Technology in Cambridge, MA released estimates that nearly 5 out of every 8 employees in corporate America consider their computers "hostile, unfriendly, and/or intimidating". Make the choice that will guarantee a healthier work environment. Choose nature's computer company™, Luddite™.