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Luddite Industries™ began like any small start-up: a brilliant idea, a team of passionate leaders, and a product that was more of a theory than a reality. Dr. Buckman interviewDr. Ernest Buckman, operating out of his garage with some old college friends, built the first wooden computer, an Atari 2600 game system refurbished with stained Mahogany, in 1979 and sold it to a local business owner for a mere 24 dollars. After a series of experiments in the auto and communications industries, Dr. Buckman and his associates began to contemplate the possibility of creating an entire line of wooden PC's. With the official recognition and later cover-up of Technology Exposure Syndrome (TES), the need for a solid solution to a dangerous epidemic was clear. And Luddite Industries™ was born.

Since 1995, Luddite Industries™ has been the international leader in Eco-Technology Design™. With sound foundations in craftsmanship, hi-tech know-how, and progressive philosophies, Luddite has dared to take technology into the realm of the natural world.

1979    Ernest P. Buckman sells first Atari 2600 with custom wooden frame out of his Cupertino Garage.

1982    Dr. Buckman drops out of Berkeley's computer science graduate program to pursue apprenticeship in woodworking.

1985    Wooden Auto company founded.

1987    Wooden Auto files for bankruptcy.

1988    Tele-wood corporation founded.

1988    Tele-wood files for bankruptcy.

1990    First indications of Technology Exposure Syndrome (TES) appear in midwest.

1991    234 computers vandalized by employees at AT&T office in Washington D.C.

26 computers dropped from fourth floor of Goldman Sachs office, N.Y., N.Y.

1992    National Health Board recognizes TES as societal threat.

863 REPORTED cases of TES in California alone, more than 4,000 nationally.

1993    Government coverup of TES begins.

Dr. Buckman investigates possible solutions.

1995    Luddite Industries founded.

1996    First line of wooden computers produced.

1997    Luddite Industries expands to include PC and Mac systems.

www.luddite.com and on-line custom ordering implemented.